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Volunteers: We need you!

Star Theatre looking for people who care about the arts and want
to give a little time to our local community theatre

Posted 2-1-12

The Star Theatre runs based on countless volunteer hours. Two areas where the theatre relies heavily on volunteers is with our movies and with our live stage productions.

We are sending this request out to all of you to assist in these areas. For the movies, we are are looking for people who are willing to come and sell movie tickets and popcorn and pop. You get a free movie out of the deal. Oh and you may have to clean up some spilled popcorn after the movie is over.

We are also looking for people to assist with our live stage productions. We are looking for people who are willing to help with the construction and painting of sets, with sewing for constumes, or to usher on the nights of performances.

We count on our members and other volunteers to help us to keep our theatre running for our community to enjoy. If you are interested in volunteering for movies please contact Jim Ruhlen at 419-209-0064 or
e-mail the theatre at us_star_theatre@yahoo.com.

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